Just finished WatchDogs 2

I just finished WatchDogs 2 and had a blast. A great story, fun mechanics, great side missions, excellent characters and voice acting. If you liked Hackers the movie you will love this game. Its as if the spirit of the movie is in the game.

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017. I hope everyone had a good holiday. I spent my holiday moving my companies office from Pioneer Square to Smith Tower on the 19th floor. I have a fantastic view but there is way too much sun. I am hoping to find a dark corner.

Converted my site from Wordpress to RapidWeaver

I got tired of dealing with managing Wordpress. Always installing updates, patches, checking whether or not I have been hacked. I didn't really need Wordpress and its complexity. RapidWeaver, an OSX application for creating websites, does everything I need. I was able to convert my blog in a couple of hours. It is now completely static, no php, no database.

My god Steam support is terrible

Steam is an example that you can be successful with terrible customer service. I mean I guess I already knew that. Look at Comcast.

My new iMac arrived yesterday

I received my new iMac 4k yesterday. It is replacing a MacMini from 2012. I got the 21” model with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD drive. Beth is getting one as well and hers technically was here on Thursday but it was DOA with the 2TB Fusion drive not being detected. I returned it and will order her another one. I love having a retina display. I use an iMac 5k at work and now when I sit in front of a normal screen I hate it.

Finally a decent ad-blocker

I recently discovered AdGuard. This runs as a daemon on your system and not as a browser extension. It is really nice. I can’t believe I didn’t know about it till now. I bought four lifetime licenses and installed them on all my computers.

They are running a 40% off sale right now for the next week: https://adguard.com/en/welcome.html

Dark Souls III

Having played Demon Souls and both Dark Souls I and II - I cannot believe the graphical improvements they have done on Dark Souls III. It is gorgeous. The graphical detail is incredible. The game also plays pretty well. I have noticed minor slowdowns but nothing major. Now hopefully I have enough discipline to finish Dark Souls I and II before playing III.

Demon Souls 2: Dark Souls

I bought Dark Souls when it first came out. I had previously beaten Demon Souls and thought I was ready to dive back into this type of game - I wasn’t. Dark Souls sat in my Steam library up until this passed weekend when Dark Souls 3 was released. Now I thought I could tackle Dark Souls. I have about 12 hours into the game and its slow going. My reflexes have lessened quite a bit. I beat Demon Souls in 2009 so it took seven years for me to recoverHappy

I forgot how frustratedly hard the game can be. Tonight I spent most of the evening fighting the Capra Demon. Google it and you will know how this one demon pisses off so many people.

Well I finally beat him and moved on. Yeah that satisfaction of finally defeating something that has defeated you so many times is the magic of these games.

I probably won’t be playing Dark Souls 3 anytime soon (still have Dark Souls 2 to play first).

Grim Dawn – Best Diablo II clone since Diablo II

I have been playing the hell out of Grim Dawn. I kickstarted Grim Dawn in 2012 and was finally released this February. I never play early access or beta versions so I never actually played it until it was released.

The game is really good. The skill trees are huge and varied. The classes make sense. The loot is plentiful!

The story is so-so. I haven’t been into an action RPG story since Diablo II and that was really due to the cut scenes and without them I find myself not really caring.


I have been watching a lot of Scrubs on Netflix. I really loved the first three seasons and then the tone of show changed. The show got a lot more goofy and the characters became caricatures of themselves.

I was considering not watching anymore but then I changed my thinking and accepted the new zany format.